23 March 2017

Post #95

Online shopping, while drinking wine, while living with a significant other.

So, I find a website with odd kitchen gadgets and such.  Here is what I believe I need.  I will fill in Britt's commentary without him as I already now what he will/would say.

Item #1
Me: I need this.
Britt: Nope, no you don't.
Me: Why the hell not?
It's a fishing pole that cooks a hot dog and marshmallows at the same time!
Britt: You don't fish and you don't camp Katie.
Me: Well fuck, fine...I'll find something else.
Item #2
Me: I need this.
Britt: What the fuck is that?
Me: It's an avocado hugger.
Britt: You have got to be shitting me.
Me: Everyone needs a hug Britt.
Britt: (radio silence) 
Item #3 (And the last I try to convince him I need to purchase.)
Me: What do you think about this?
Britt: Will it be filled with Jack Daniels?
Me: Sure, why not?
Britt: Buy it right fucking now.

I am still unsure why this man puts up with my antics, but we have fun!

To life, love, and flasks,
Katie E. Eshelman

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  1. You have to put links to this blog on Facebook, because your Uncle Keith and I are fucking Luddites. You rule Babydoll!!! Also, I need one of those books for my 27th birthday, which was March 12th. I don't mind you being a little late, unless it's your period. Hollah!!!!!