16 March 2017

Post #94

Back By Popular Demand

I decided that I would try acupuncture for the first time as I struggle with neuropathy.  Literally cannot feel my legs, I look like a happy, injured, duck when I walk.

Move bitch get out the way!

I went for my first session, scared out of my mind.  My loving fiance drove me and let's just say, I got out of the car as fucking quick as I could because we did three u-turns to find the place and he was late for an appointment (my fault completely). The needles didn't seem so scary anymore, the look in his eyes most assuredly was.  The lovely receptionist gave me a chart, a chair and a bucket for my shoes.  I quickly realized that "community" acupuncture means you are in the same room as everyone else.  Fuck.  There was no going back.  It took not even one minute before all the pins were in place, I looked like a human porcupine.  I tried to relax.  NOPE.  A 30 minute flute solo in the background rendered me wide awake and wondering if I was on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  I couldn't move and the guy next to me in Bed #10 looked terrified.  I almost wanted to whisper that I had his back if this shit went awry.  However, they frown upon talking. I think he understood by the look in my eyes. The session ended and I walked out of the place like I just survived a hostage situation.

I went back three days later, it actually made me feel better.  I hoped that my buddy would be there to have my back like I did his, he wasn't.  It doesn't even matter...Punctured Pals for life!

Your's truly,

Katie E. Eshelman

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