16 November 2015

Post #92

Hi foks!  Life as I know it...


I live with a Seahawk fan.

Go Cards!!!


4:00 yet?


Pretty much the damn same.  Mr. Sushi is swimming, so yeah, all good on that note.  Bitch Tits hates me with a fiery passion...until I cut her nails, which she assumes is a manicure and I am her "bitch". Brilliant.  Ripple loves everyone and every goddamn thing.  She would invite a serial killer into the house...and then give them HER goddamn treats if she could.  

I know where they hide the money too!  

So in general, life as I know it is awesome.  Weather is amazing and I believe it calls for a martini lunch.  

Cheers to all,

Katie E. Eshelman

P.S.  I am a fucking turd.  I have a brand new nephew, George, that I love more than the color green!!!  Still won't change his diaper.  I tried to pick up a shit nugget of Ripples and proceeded to vomit.  

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