02 May 2013

Post #82

Five score and seven years ago my sister and I purchased a home that I now refer to as "purgatory"...I want out of this dwelling more than I want out of a bar during the middle of a nice night of drinking.  What can I say, Irish Exits are my thing.  Got a call from my sister on her day off, our washing machine decided to throw up all over the fucking place and quit.

My cup runneth over!  Stellar.

I kind of saw it coming, as whenever you did a load of laundry it sounded like a horny, teenage gangbang was taking place in our laundry room niche.  To make matters worse?  It was also spewing oil.  What in the fucking fuck?  Yeah, the damn thing was so old apparently it was outfitted with a goddamn transmission.  To boot?  The drain below the 1952 Cadillac "Cleaner of Clothes" is clogged.  That's just swell.

In other news, Arizona Floorcoverings Bar & Grill has decided to expand it's business endeavors.  We are now also a wine tasting venue.

7 bottles of sophistication right there folks.  Bring your cassette tapes,
we are getting fancy as fuck and blasting some beats.

Juan's Barber Shop, Computer Repair, and Beauty Salon is getting a run for it's money.  Actually, if we combined forces we would run 34th Street and Thomas like it was nobody's business.  ASU Supply Chain Management degree is in full force here my friends, those five...and a half years did not go to waste.


Katie E. Eshelman

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  1. As always, nicely done. The wine chiller is money.