17 April 2013

Post #79

About a year ago I checked my mailbox and discovered a magazine called "Cat Fancy".  What in the flying fuck?  I assumed it was Megan's.  I sat down, shook my head, and came up with a game plan for my sister's "Feline Intervention."  Turns out my friend played a vicious joke on me and it was in fact subscribed to me...for a whole damn year.  Well done Kate, well done.

12 months later...

Perhaps...I AM  still trying to crack the code on why Bitch Tits
wants to kill me.

In other news:  I purchased what I thought were four, large, spectacular, wine sippy-cups (because I am a sophisticated adult of course.)  Flat out fail.  I anxiously awaited the delivery of these mother fuckers for three months.  They are the size of shot glasses.

Oh look, a new ring!!!

Naturally Zosh was a fan, she loves when my dreams are destroyed.

That sippy-shotglass is RUINED!  Cat licked it for fuck's sake.  Gross.

Sips and giggles,

Katie E. Eshelman

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