04 October 2012

Post #74

So my house got broken into, which brought the cops to my yard and inside my home.  I got there ten minutes later but it was too late.  Let's just say as a new member of the break-in club I am more than willing to give some advice on what shit you should put the fuck away when you are not home as the "public eye"might take a gander without your consent...this crap left me wishing I had said list.

What was that?  Yes, I like to party...my wallet does not.  Shits.

It was for a costume dammit!

I have to delve deeper into this one..sts.  I went as a nudist on strike for Halloween last year and my sister thought it would be funny to have this on the opposite side of the strike poster.  I then figured it would be ironic and absolutely perfect to serve as a blocking device for Bitch Tits.  She is NOT allowed upstairs.  Boom. 

Fucking halloween costumes.  Yeah, turns out this is how the police
got ahold of me so fast.  Fucking brilliant!  I win at the game of life!


...let's just say it required batteries.

At least it wasn't a fireman,

Katie E. Eshelman

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