28 June 2012

Post #72

With summer comes my "summer" attitude.  Zoshua should know to steer clear, but she's a cat and therefore incapable of comprehending this.  Yeah, shits not given.  I decided to formulate an "annoy the crap out of Bitch Tits and laugh my ass off" plan. After kicking around a bunch of ideas and her favorite toy (which is a fucking cellophane, cigarette wrapper) I concluded that she should wear a hat.  Not any hat would do, this hat had to be fabulous.  I found this...

Fancy as fuck.

Then, I discovered this piece of shit felt cost $45 goddamn dollars.  Ha!  That's not going to happen.  One trip to the online craft store later?

$8.43 and I nailed it.

Crafty as fuck,

Katie E. Eshelman

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