06 June 2012

Post #69

Holy shit.

The big 29.  The last of my twenties is upon me.  Today?  I have already purchased a ticket to San Francisco for a football game and accomplished not a single fucking thing at work.  I think this year I will strive to do a bunch of crazy/stupid shit (okay crazier and more unintelligent shit) as I've done pretty damn well with the sensible crap the past nine years.

I'm off to a running start...

How to get your checking account frozen one message at a time.

Sarcasm is truly a gift.  Now, I must share this tiny bit of wisdom...

Age is just a number...

...until you turn thirty.

I am sure that the next year of my life will be an interesting one...that I promise to share.  

To my mom and dad doing the deed,

Katie E. Eshelman

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