24 May 2012

Post #68


It finally arrived!  I don't know how or why I come up with this shit (booze), but when I decide to do it...it shall be done.

Making my mom and pops proud since 1983.

I am officially happier than Wine Rack Bitch.

Code Red!  We have a bleeder.

Nurse, we are going to need fresh linens...that are right side-in.

To innovation and thinking outside the regular container.

Stoked for Monday,

Katie E. Eshelman

I sincerely thought that when I bought a Wine Rack for my sister and self that I had found the Holy Grail.

Look how happy she is!  I could be that happy.

On Monday the golden package arrived and Megan I quickly bee lined it to Circle K so we could buy ourselves some tester fluid.  Per usual, I didn't follow the instructions so it took me awhile but I finally adorned the sacred bra.  Worst. Invention.  Ever.  Ill fitting and all it managed to do was get the wine warm.  No solving this problem unless you are cold blooded or you drink it really fast...you can probably guess which route I took.  Whoops.  Therefore, I got pretty fucking drunk.  So much in fact I did this...

That's right.  I managed to break into my AT&T account, add Smart Limits, and effectively
block myself from dialing and texting from 10pm to 8am everyday...you just never know.

Mind you, this service is designed for parents who want to control when, how, and who their kids communicate with. Kudos intoxicated self, kudos.

As for the Wine Rack?  Since I knew I couldn't wear the damn thing nor hold it above my head like a beer bong (that takes way too much energy, I'm not in college anymore for fuck's sake), I had to come up with an alternative. Shipping it back would have been the smart move, so we all know that didn't happen.  This did...

Wine on wheels!

I have to go post this review on BaronBob.com so that's all for now.

Thankful for sensible boundaries,

Katie E. Eshelman

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  1. A wine IV stand! Can't get that into the ball game! May I suggest this for your TV watching and drinking time?