19 March 2012

Post #67

AT&T you are as dead to me as the phone I just had to turn off. Why? Because you can't seem to provide me wireless/cell phone/mobile service in my own home.  Unless of course, I touch the antenna of an am/fm radio, while directly facing the north west corner of my house, with one arm raised, and the other clutching a glass of wine (yes that is needed.)  Another solution is to move five feet from my property, thanks for the restraining order turds!

Glad you called me back! Maybe I missed those because you requested
I turn my phone off.  Or perhaps, I had a single bar of shat service!  Your
troubleshooting is as effective as a ten year old condom.
Also, thanks a million for that shit eating grin at the end of your text.  It makes up for everything!

Monday funday :D,

Katie E. Eshelman

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