19 March 2012

Post #67

AT&T you are as dead to me as the phone I just had to turn off. Why? Because you can't seem to provide me wireless/cell phone/mobile service in my own home.  Unless of course, I touch the antenna of an am/fm radio, while directly facing the north west corner of my house, with one arm raised, and the other clutching a glass of wine (yes that is needed.)  Another solution is to move five feet from my property, thanks for the restraining order turds!

Glad you called me back! Maybe I missed those because you requested
I turn my phone off.  Or perhaps, I had a single bar of shat service!  Your
troubleshooting is as effective as a ten year old condom.
Also, thanks a million for that shit eating grin at the end of your text.  It makes up for everything!

Monday funday :D,

Katie E. Eshelman

12 March 2012

Post #66

There are times in life when you regret your decisions.  Whether it's that last Tequila shot or...hell, the first one. In my case?  Well, let's just say my mother has a key to my house.  She showed up at my place entirely way too early Saturday morning, walked up the stairs, opened my door...and scared the shit out of me.  Fucking headphones, I couldn't hear a goddamn thing.  A discussion and a decision to leave me be till lunch time was decided and she was on her merry way.  Until she saw this...

It was a "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed..and quite curious" kind of conversation.

Well shits.  Kind of hard to explain to your mother that many, many years ago (oh alright, three) your Halloween costume was your own mugshot.  The word 'fuck' doesn't even cover it.  My only saving grace was the fact that I plead the fifth on my weight.  She found that decision very prudent.

Say cheese!

Katie E. Eshelman