17 January 2012

Post #62

Here's the deal.  My sister and I have spent our fair share of late nights singing, dancing, and creating enough noise to warrant a phone call to the police.  Our fun is innocent.  While it has come to my attention that some musicals should simply be watched and not mimicked, I continue to not give a shit.  From the sound of it our neighbor's fun might not be as pristine.  I have decided there are only three possible reasons which might explain the constant wall-banging noises coming from next door:

#1.  She is trying to wallpaper her place in finishing nails.
#2.  She is a nympho and/or a prostitute.
#3.  She is playing the most riveting game of  hands-on "knock, knock who's there?" in the history of time.

It better not be #2 woman.  We have a innocent cat over here with virgin ears.

That's right Bitch Tits, our neighbor might be an actual whore.

I'm not kidding about the whore thing.  Anytime someone knocks on our door she tries to invite them over to her place.  Our UPS guy Juan Valdez, our appraiser that stopped by the other day, and I think she even tried to seduce the ex-cleaning lady.  Holy shit...that might actually explain my last blog. http://eshelwoman.blogspot.com/2012/01/post-61.html  Bottom line, she needs to tone it the fuck down.

Bang bang,

Katie E. Eshelman

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