21 November 2011

Post #54

Monday Fun Day.

Zach Eshelman got an iPhone.  He spent the better half of the morning screaming at it to "TEXT JERI!" and to "FIND SIRI! Where's Siri? Siri talks to Steve."  He was actually upset that the phone talked to Steve and not him.  Steve being one of my dad's best friends.  The same guy who took a picture of his own dog and made it the background of my dad's new phone as he knew he wouldn't be able to change it...and was right.  It took him about ten minutes to pick his ring tone as he had to listen to each and everyone of them, twice.  He's also excited that we can now "face to face", more commonly known as FaceTime.  Like we don't see each other enough at work, on the weekends, at family functions? Thank God it's a short work week.

A gentleman came into the store looking for 3D Imaging Sales, a screen printing store. I tried to explain to him they were no longer here and haven't been for years.  At this point arguing ensued.  Excuse me sir, if you shut the hell up for just a second and take a gander around you will see this is a carpet store/bar & grill/gym.  I could give two shits that you called their number and they said they were still in business, because they are not in business HERE.  If you are not interested in flooring or a glass of cheap wine please exit the building.  Yet another interpersonal skill win for me.

Two hours later...

Lost the will to work due to a two hour iPhone lesson.  Came to the conclusion that Thanksgiving warrants a whole damn week off.  I mean it gets overshadowed by Christmas, shit on by Santa, and wished to a quick death due to Black Friday.  I'm starting a petition.

Counting down the days till St. Patties!

Katie E. Eshelman

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