15 October 2011

Post #48

What the fuck happened this week...

Let's see, on the work front we have decided to expand beyond flooring and the AZFC Bar & Grill, we are adding a gym.  My dad and I procured a step machine that was tragically left unattended and abandoned outside the back of our office.  It's ours now.  Stop on by my office if you are ever in need of some flooring, a glass of wine, or a geriatric paced workout.

Get to steppin' 

I made a rule that no male cousins of mine are allowed to come over and hang out during the week again.  Two separate days of blistering hangovers and the knowledge that I consumed the most horrific piece of pizza in my life are enough for awhile. I also made a rule that the maximum amount of toppings that should ever be allowed on a pizza is six.  Woof.

My texting lessons with my mother went well enough.

My sister found her Halloween costume (I shit you not, couldn't make this up if I wanted to.):

You might see a Pterodactyl or possibly a dude on the losing end of a bet.
All I see is a terrifying family photo op. 

Well it's time to step outside into this brisk, cool fall day and either prep to watch ASU kill Oregon or attend the fair and Trace Atkins concert.  Pretty positive they will be equally disastrous.


Katie E. Eshelman



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