30 September 2011

Post #45

What the fuck happened this week...

Well, I found this photo on my phone.

When: Last Saturday night.  Where: Rusty Spur.  
Situation:  I told the dude next to me that I was going to 
Ruphenol his beer.  He eventually had to head to the little boy's room.
Way to thwart my attack with a napkin bright eyes.  I hate to break your heart
but the "pull-out" method doesn't work either.

My dad got subpoenaed by another flooring company's angry customer.  Thank God she wasn't livid with us, I don't think we will ever live down the surprise home makeover we pulled this year. (Great story, still makes me laugh.) In any case, I couldn't help but picture my father in court.  This was the first and only thing that came to mind.

The truth being you didn't hire us to do your flooring and you got fucked.

I took a trip to the mall with my mother.  It took me a whole damn hour to realize she was wearing these:

Fucking what!?!  Bitch Tit socks?  That's correct folks.  My sister bought these
for my mother to wear...and she did.  I am terrified.

Today?  Well let's just say right now my dad is snoring and I am writing this.

Closing time,

Katie E. Eshelman

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