08 September 2011

Post #41

Post Labor Day weekend productivity at it's finest.

I got many a thing done the last couple of days.  At work?  I checked messages, returned emails, ordered some floors, scheduled a few things.  Delivered all of my work neighbor's mail as the United States Postal Service basically doesn't give a shit anymore and just gives it all to me.  Patted myself on the back for a job well done.

At home?  I decided to extend an olive branch to Bitch Tits and went ahead and made her a friendship bracelet.  Oh all right, it was originally slated to be a human sized bracelet but I couldn't finish it.  I got insanely bored and also realized it was heinous.  The art of re-gifting was not lost upon me.  I gave it to my sister as a bookmark.  Fast forward to the brilliant idea of a peace offering for the cat (sorry Megan but I had to take it back.)

Long story short?   The furry little shit loathed it.

Really?  You can't even look at it?  Well screw you too asshole.  In
grammar school this cavalier attitude towards being someone's BFF would have left you playing
four square with a wall.  It's string for the love of God.  You are supposed to swoon.  

So, overall pretty thrilled by my list of accomplished tasks.

Katie E. Eshelman

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