14 August 2011

Post #36

Aftermath of Sweat Lodge 2011:

2:31 AM: About to sneak into my parent's house for more beer.  Best idea ever!

4:00 AM:  Blasting tunes and belting it out with my sister, we sound amazing!  Why have we not pursued this talent?

10:51 AM:  Ouch.  I mean holy hell kind of ouch. Why did I feel the need to close out the night with tequila shots, beer pilfered from my unknowing parents, and a lot of singing?  To answer your question it's because I am awesome and by awesome I mean fucking stupid.

12:00 PM:  Finally getting my first food of the day at a Goldman's Deli.  I had Eggs Benedict, it was delicious.

3:22 PM:  Eggs Benedict and hangovers don't mix.  Shit.

4:38 PM:  Just had my monthly dose of sodium thanks to the Top Ramen I overcooked but still ate.

5:02 PM:  Pretty sure the burp that just came out of me wasn't human.  I am confident that nothing I eat or drink today, aside from the cold glass of water and cold glass of beer next to me, are going to sit well.

7:00 PM:  Hair of the dog and a shitload of water has worked, I went ahead and stopped writing my obituary.  Now the only thing that hurts is my bank account.

Can't wait for Sweat Lodge 2012!  Pretty much the only time I will ever mix beer, tequila, 190 octanes, and sake bombs again.  


Katie E. Eshelman

UPDATE (15 AUG 2011):  Add wine to the list.  

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