22 August 2011

Post #37

Monday, Fun Day.  

Alright, here goes.  Asshole consumers have pushed me to the edge.  I am referring to those customers who, even in this depression, I want to pay to walk out of my store.  The folks who manage to weasel their way into buying from me, then promptly make me want to chug from the box of Franzia in my office's break room.  I have officially adopted a policy.  I can reject any customer who has ever registered for Angie's List or called and/or filed a formal complaint with the BBB.  I would like to turn the tables and be able to qualify you as a customer.  I want to see your credentials.  Maybe I'll launch a site. www.isthiscustomeraprick.com.  However, it will be free.  As a business you have to pay to be a part of both Angie's List and the BBB.  Ken from the BBB finally gave up asking me for my bank account number and first born child after a year and a half.  Angie still chooses to be passive-aggressive by opting to send emails...every, goddamn day.  My spam container runneth over.

Example of the day: If I tell you my crew will be at your residence between eight and ten?  They will be.  Don't call me at 8:16 AM and angrily ask where we are and why we are late.  Instead do me a favor.  Turn on "One Life to Live", consider the irony...then deep throat the hostile-laced, going to your straight to your thighs, doughnut in front of you.  

A customer is right when they pay.


Katie E. Eshelman

Photographic Update:  

That's right Ken, I never returned these.  I never will. 

Break Room aka AZFC Bar and Microwave.  That
radio from the 1900's rocks out all day, every day.

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