16 June 2011

Blog #28

Installment #1 of  "Don't. Think About It. Most Assuredly Do."  (Guy version...or for those females who like other females.  I don't discriminate...much.)


His wife will kick your ass.

Think About It?

Really darling?  Well, at least you still have a shoe on?

Your life depends on it.

.45?  Your attitude sucks but your gun is pretty rad.

Installment #2  (Carte Blanche)


Two lead to ten.  Don't worry about the extra limes,
I just downed two of your shots.  That's right...skip to "I do."

Think about it?

It's just one more...


Of course you are ready.   Men and Lesbians, confused young ladies
"Picture Day" is looking OK right now.  However,
as a friend I will only tell you to think about it. 

I am exhausted and I still have actual work to do.  If my dad would stop snoring I'm pretty sure I could stay focused on the task at hand...which at this point, alludes me. 


Katie E. Eshelman

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