10 June 2011

Blog #27

Parents Who Win at Losing.

 "Twat did you just say?"


Ma'am, you fail in so many ways I can hardly type fast enough.  Christ, even if this is how you felt you should have never divulged this information.  Suggestion: buy the bundle of joy a present and keep your mouth shut.  Filed under: shouldn't, did, failed.


All of these proud baby's mamas could win the title.  However, props to knowing when, how, and what disease was associated with your child's birth. 


"Leashes are for animals."

Really mom and dad?  You couldn''t possibly control the little shits you call your predecessors? Let's just say I am scared...and that my parents wish they knew about this device while I was a kid.


Thus ends my short rendition of some of the worst parents ever.  I leave those with child this small suggestion: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  There is no shortage of "retirement" communities...just saying.


Katie E. Eshelman

p.s.  Add Casey Anthony to this list.

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