20 April 2011

Post #19

Why I love my job?  Reason #1

At my company we like to uphold a certain standard.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied once the job is complete.  Hell,  we even want those people who are not our customers to be delighted.  That's right.  If we enter your home by accident, tear out your flooring, and install floors that you didn't even ask nor pay for?  You better be happy as fuck.  We call it the Surprise Home Makeover.  No need to look for cameras, there aren't any.  It just so happens your neighbor a street up has the exact same layout, furniture, existing floors, and key under the back mat.  She wanted the flooring we gave you...oops. 

Memo to all employees:  send installers to every job site with balloons and a point and shoot camera.   

Coming up next...
Working with the hearing impaired. 

Katie E. Eshelman

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