19 April 2011

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For the most part I try to keep my attitude on Facebook pretty light. I mean, it’s a fabulous way to keep in touch with family, reunite with old friends, meet new interesting "friends", maybe stalk a couple of exes...whatever floats your boat.  However, it is also a great way to join a cause.  To be honest, I rarely promote a cause other than anonymously donating or “liking.”  To all that have asked me to join their cause and failed to rally my support, I apologize.  The reason is this: today the Scottsdale School District officially dissolved all security guard positions at Arcadia and for that matter, all guards in the district. (I know I have some Saguaro and Chaparral friends out there.) Yes, that means my mother.  If you remember Mrs. Eshelman from Hopi, Ingleside, Arcadia, or any other time; you should know this woman should be honored not cut off at the knees. (Side note: that would be impossible considering she is Robocop.)  Let’s not forget Ronnie.  Who knew what the power of a Taco Bell burrito could hold.  It was quite magical.  Lastly, who could forget John?  His dedication to baseball and baseball players was quite extraordinary, really…kind of hard to explain.  So, this is the deal…tomorrow I will post the address of the head honcho of this horrendous decision.  I hope, and humbly ask all of their supporters to send a letter, note, sob story, or email to these morons.  Hell, flicking a middle finger into the wind would be appreciated, just to show how much these two women and man should be respected.  They only cared for us like we were one of their own, probably more so in my case.  So this is for them, as Arcadia would simply not be the same without them. 

Katie E. Eshelman

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  1. I was happy to hear today that some states are now considering Drug Tests for recipients of unemployment and other state benefits. In Arizona, a bill is moving through the legislature that would require random drug testing of all welfare recipients. Florida is also considering similar measure. About damn time.