13 April 2011

Post #15

One of my number one grievance with females.

Your bra is showing.  Ladies, ladies, ladies.  God gifted us with Victoria's Secret.  She then gifted us with a chesticle wrangler that can be transformed into seven, yes seven, different bras.  I have graciously provided the link below.  

I am not without shame.  It happened.  Once.

At the ripe old age of fourteen...when I didn't even need a damn bra.

There should be no reason why you have to have your bra protruding from your shirt.  It's just sloppy.  Bottom line, keep the skivvies hidden.

Now I have to get back to pretending to work.  Which in my case involves nothing more than typing really, really fast.

Till next time,

Katie E. Eshelman

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