11 April 2011

Post #14

I'm not sure why I have been gifted by so many old pictures over the last few months, but I can assure you I am enjoying the hell out of them.

"How big of a pain in the ass are you going to be when you grow up?"

I can only assume someone said the dreaded word "moist." 

This duck is f%#!*&g crazy.

I don't even know where to start.  This picture is a gold mine.  From my mother's knee highs (way to relive those high school days mom) to my father's pinky ring (really dad?).  I can say one thing for sure.  "Dearest Megan:  you will never have to worry about them sagging that low.  Truth."

Alright, I have wasted enough time to call the clock.   I am officially 32 minutes away from breaking lose from my 8-4.  I shall then make my way to the ASU campus to pick up my dearest cousin Charlie for wing night at JT's.   Life is rough. 

Happy Monday,

Katie E. Eshelman


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