25 March 2011

Post #4

Timeline of my day thus far:

7:57am - Wake up.  Realize the time and the fact that I should be at work in three minutes.  Call my dad, he doesn't give a shit.  Awesome.
8:30 ish - Arrive at work.  Check messages, check email, pretend to do work, do a little work.
10:45 - Dad arrives, with a Circle K bag...contents one bag of Dorito's and two bottles of "fresh" water.  (Don't ask.)
11:52 - The "fresh" water is consumed and an executive decision to go to TeePee for lunch is made.
11:53 - Fucking floor rep walks in the door.
11:54-12:35 - Floor rep annoys the fuck out of my dad and me.  And according to my dad...has checked out my boobs.  Lovely.
12:40 - Lock the doors.  Put a sign up that says "Estimators are on scheduled appointments.  Thanks, Management."
12:45 - Lunch.  Drinks.
2:26 - Back at office.  Checked messages...deleted messages.  Dad taking nap.  Me...well doing this.

Happy Friday,
Katie E. Eshelman

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